Tuesday, September 8, 2009

South African Runner Caster Semenya Gets Make Over

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If you aren't already aware South African runner Caster Semenya had to undergo gender testing after questions were raised when she completed what they ruled as an "unusually" strong finish in an 800-meter run at the track and field world championships in Berlin in mid-August.

Well honey there is no better way to come back at a b*tch then to get dress like a--

Fabulous glamorous looking woman and pose for South African You Magazine

I love it- did she call Tyra? Is she smiling with her eyes?

I'm not judging (or at least trying not to) but it's better than this look.

source from news.spreadit.org


  1. I kind of hate that she did this. It feels like she's giving in to really unfair gender bias. According to her family and teachers, she was quite comfortable dressing butch. If that's the case, why should she have to conform in order not to be harrassed? I believe that everyone should be allowed to be themselves, and I'm sad that she feels that she doesn't have the same right to rock her look as I do to rock mine.

    If we don't beat up on Beyonce for having an outrageous blond weave I don't think we should beat up on Caster for looking more sporty.