Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How dare you name your cat THAT!

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

The other day my white girl friend called me to run one of her “Do you consider this to be racially offensive” question by me. I find that quite a number of people of color experience this...

Anyhow, she had just gotten a new cat that they named Knickers but was having second thoughts after her mom told this woman at work about the new cat and its name. The woman was like, “Oh my goodness, they can’t name their cat that. People will get offended!”

I still didn’t quite get what she meant but you know how you need to try on a name so you contextualize it by using it out loud in a sentence.

“Come here Knickers, sit Knickers, stay Niggers.” Ohhhhhhhhhh I get it.

HAHAHAHAH. I see. It’s too close to the “N” word. Now I love how my friend was trying to explain to me the problem with out ever using the actual word. Good ‘cause I would have beat her ass with a bottle. I’m just kiddingnoI’mnot. Hmmm is this one of those situations where people are being too sensitive? The name seemed harmless to me.

I guess we’ll know if god forbid that cat runs away and she is out late that night calling out “KNIIIIIIIIIIIII-GG-ERS.” She better get her articulation exercises going.

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