Thursday, August 20, 2009

South African Champion Runner, Caster Semenya Undergoes Gender Test

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This South African woman, Caster Semenya who won the gold by a large margin in 800m dash has to undergo gender tests to prove she is a seems wrong. Okay so she has masculine features and may act like a tomboy but to call her out for pulling a Ms. Doubtfire or Big Momma on the field seems outlandish. It's not like she came out of no where and she has parents! Damn talk about pissing on someone's parade, can't a sista enjoy a win?

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  1. She looks and sounds masculine. I just saw a youtube video of her and even her gestures are masculine, and then there is the full mustache! I almost cried, I feel so bad for her. All of this played out for the world to see and comment Bless her heart!