Thursday, November 19, 2009

Urban Chameleon Question of the Day

Given the deeply rooted issues and enslaved relationship that Black women have with their hair, will we ever have a Black female Olympic swimmer?

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  1. What a funny question! My sister and I were both pretty good swimmers when we were kids, but stopped when we got perms and then by the time I went natural I just wasn't into it anymore. So my answer to that question would be yes -- but she'll probably be biracial like a Obama. It might also please you to know, that my husband plans to take our daughter to a Daddy & Me swimming class in January. She'll be 6mos. You got to start 'em young!

  2. Oh thank goodness for that! And just remember when she asks to quit (like most future Olympians do) tell her, "No girl, you must be the first!

    Thanks for engaging.

  3. Good question. I agree with ETC, the first black female to medal in the 200 butterfly will be biracial .... or from east africa (still an hommage to Obama) and rockin the short natural do--maybe even bald all the way. Regardless, there ain't no sista with a perm, or a weave tryin to get close to clorine on the daily. That's why we dominate track and field. Let's not forget Jacky Joyner's nails and all dem girls be keepin' those weaves looking fresh and blowin' in the wind when they cross that finish line!