Monday, December 21, 2009

When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

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To be honest I had no idea what Avatar was about. All I knew is that they gave James Cameron (director of Titanic) $400 million dollars to make his dream film, which I could not tell what the heck was about from the trailer that just shows some white people becoming unusual looking blue people. However, the commentary written about the film in the article below strips away all the fancy CGI technology and breaks down the symobolizism of the "white turned blue people" into a larger conversation about the colonialism.

excerpt from article:
Whites need to stop remaking the white guilt story, which is a sneaky way of turning every story about people of color into a story about being white. Speaking as a white person, I don't need to hear more about my own racial experience. I'd like to watch some movies about people of color (ahem, aliens), from the perspective of that group, without injecting a random white (erm, human) character to explain everything to me. Science fiction is exciting because it promises to show the world and the universe from perspectives radically unlike what we've seen before. But until white people stop making movies like Avatar, I fear that I'm doomed to see the same old story again and again.
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