Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Art with Dianne Smith

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If you are not already familiar with the works of Dianne Smith (on the right) I would encourage you to enter into the world of this enchanting artist who’s studio is located in Harlem NY. There you will find a unique selection of stunning canvases that are perfect for holiday gifts (if even for your self). Her work has been included in the private collection of Danny Simmons. Cicely Tyson, Terry McMillian, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin of the Abyssinian Baptist Church and Vivica Fox.

Dianne’s holiday studio sale will be open until January 15 so be sure to make an appointment before then. You will also be able to see some of her new sculpture work, which is created by raw materials using everything from paper towel rolls, wire hangers, newspaper, wood and more to create the most fascinating structures.

For appointments e-mail

About the artist
Dianne Smith' is a Bronx native of Belizean descent. Her work has evolved from a unique and powerful mix of afro-cubism and surrealism, to a fully expressed emotion of abstract expressionism. Her intriguing and compelling minimalist abstracts are haunting and beautiful. Ms. Smith's work represents her inner connection of self. Her paintings reflect the artistic and spiritual journey that has enabled her to find her voice as a painter.

Often compared to the likes of Richard Mayhew and Norman Lewis, her work has the ability to incite our emotions with lush palettes and expressive brushstrokes. She creates provocative and meaningful imagery that challenges the viewer to see and consider pure color. While her work remains rooted in her African origins, its purpose is more universal. For more information visit

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