Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spending Wisely in a Recession...Can that Include Catching a Sale at Barneys?

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

Yesterday my unemployment check came and you would think that first thing on my mind would be food, water, rent, and bills. No. I instead decided to go to the shoe department at Barneys and try on a pair of $769.00 Yves Saint Laurent shoes that were absolutely SICKALICIOUS. The fact that I was there trying to justify how two weeks of unemployment could pay for these shoes is a problem. It didn’t help that after trying them on a third time the sales person came over to tell me that everything was 33% off!!!
33% off $769.00 is $253.77, which would bring my grand total to only $515.23. Only? I was able to do this math with in seconds so clearly I’m not dumb… but then why is my dumb ass trying to justify these shoes? Whenever I’m in these kinds of a predicament, which is not often (I’m not ridiculous) I think, “Sure I’ll just eat rice and beans for a month.” The problem is I can’t do it. Like shoes I’m obsessed with fine dining and the state of my mood is usually determined by what I’ve eaten for the day. If I bought these shoes I would have to be locked up in cave in Falluhja with no contact with the outside world, too hysterical from not tasting something savory, succulent and delicious. After pondering this for over 45min I finally put the shoes down and backed out of Barneys very slowly and went to this restaurant that serves a great Ossobuco.

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