Friday, July 3, 2009

The Migraine Skank

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

Yesterday I took my friend’s Hip Hop dance class. I was the only Black girl in the class. All the other participants where white girls who you could tell had spent hours in front of the mirror at home trying on different clothes to capture their inner b-girl swagger. Hats were tilted to the side and pants were baggy with one leg rolled up. My friend the teacher warmed us up with everything to chest isolations, head bops to the booty shake. It felt strange putting it all to an eight count but that’s today’s Hip Hop. I busted out laughing when my friend in attempt to have these girls “feel” it equated it to vibing out at a reggae club with Buju Banton. The white girls stood in utter confusion.

However, I was put on to the latest Euro craze “The Migraine Skank,” which is what the combination was to. I love it, just at the club with a migraine skanking it out.

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