Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hip Hop IS Officially Dead

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

Between watching the BET awards and the downfall of Vibe Magazine it’s confirmed for me that Hip Hop is officially over but I guess naturally it would be. If you think about it Hip Hop was always a catch 22. The rhyming used to be about getting out the ‘hood and legitimately so! But once we got out the ‘hood we have not looked back. With mainstream success we now brag about how many cars, houses, gold chains, yachts, and b*tches we have with thick thighs and fat asses over variations of Kanye and Timbaland beats. Could we have ever known the detriments of being out for self would be so discombobulating for the community? I mean this game did just start out trying to put food on the table and talk to the young Black youth.

“Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha
You never thought that hip hop would take it this far”

No we di’ in’t. The irony is that the ‘hood hasn’t changed. Same shit that was going on then is still goes on now. But you would never know for as soon as Hip Hop became a business that the rest of the world bought into why wouldn’t you get that money?

I just feel badly for children whose parents have left them with today’s rap icons as their only role models- role models who just aren’t equipped to be role models. We are a society that glamorizes and glorifies nothing but wealth so I wonder what kind of leaders the young generation will grow up to be when “this” is what defines character for them. ‘Cause we all know if the wealthy tells us to stomp that ho’ we… gonna stomp that ho’.

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  1. To a point sistah I must agree with this post.
    It goes back to some of the things I try to spread across the country to blackpeople. What we need to start doing as blacks is we need to fight poverty and drugs in the hood the same way the KKK dynasty was taken down. First we must go out in our neighborhoods and find vic of crimes and those afraid to walk their neighborhoods. Next we should get a group of lawyers to file lawsuite after lawsuite against the drug dealers, members of gangs all gangs, child rapiest and kidnappers and all rapest and against any crime commited within our neighborhoods. That way the money that the police and city are getitng after they arrest these personnel in our hood. That money will go back into our neighborhoods. We cant get them to protect our neighborhoods but we can damm show make sure we get the money to set up youth organizations, youth groups, drug rehab programs and other things right in our neighborhoods from that money we win in the lawsuits.