Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yesterday’s Newsweek Post

by today’s Urban Chameleon contributor

My girlfriend and I were reading yesterdays blog post Caribbean Country Side Bafoonery here at Home of the Urban Chameleon. We too were talking about that daggering story that we also read in Newsweek. I think we were more upset that we were getting put on to the latest about our culture from Newsweek!

After moving out the ‘hood, it reminded us that we actually need to visit the ‘hood more often than just getting our hair done. Spend a little time taking back in the rhythm of the streets, find out about the latest hip hop and dancehall mix tapes from Abdul on the corner, while eating a beef patty with coco bread and taking some ackee and salt fish to go. Pick up those priceless and price conscious groceries that these higher end supermarkets either don't have or charge an arm and a leg for like Bustelo!- there is no reason this coffee should be $7.00 when it’s 1.99 in the ‘hood! Hey maybe even see the weed man, go to the park and light up that dutchy and chug a 40ty for old time sake. Let me stop, I was drinking White Zinfindale even from back then with the dutchy.

As Urban Chameleons no matter where we go we owe it to our selves to always keep that one foot in the ‘hood ‘cause we should never be finding out about the alleged broken penis' of our brothas as a result of daggering in media first.

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