Monday, June 8, 2009

Caribbean Country Side Bafoonery

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

It must have been a slow week for Newsweek. Don'tchu know they've written an article about Daggering, which they have described as "A type of dance popular with some of Jamaica’s poorest citizens. It’s exuberant, vulgar, and may be responsible for a string of highly painful and personal injuries occurring out of the clubs in the bedroom."

Ok who told the white folks about this one? I know the writer didn't decide to go out one day to a shanti town with some poom poom shorts and a Red Stripe looking to dagger.

We can't share everything people.

Click below for the Newsweek article where they even managed to get a quote from promoter Jah Prince
who "claims that the actual amount of extreme daggering dancers is low." Thank you Jah Prince for clarifying this for us. Thank you... Jah Rastafari

Link to Newsweek article on Daggering

My goodness.

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