Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Cares if the Gays Get Married?

by today’s Urban Chameleon contributor

The bill to legalize gay marriage in New York is on the table today. I cannot believe that this is actually an issue that is still an issue. Who cares if gay people get married what’s it to you? And don’t tell me anything about disrupting our morals or bad influences over da kids because I can think of a hell of a lot of other things that we need to band before the gays like Tyler Perry Madea movies! Wait Madea could be gay. Hmmm, that might not be a great accent to my point. The point is that gays are not committing genocide against straight people. Just keep doing you boo.

Let’s now move on to the point of irony, despite the fact that New York’s Black Governor Patterson has initiated this bill (and despite what people think his motives are) I find it baffling that so many Latinos and Blacks are anti-gay. Cause you know we wouldn’t know a thing about the importance of equal rights. Seriously people? I know people of color try to make the argument that two men or two women loving each other is sinful but you do know that very same thing was once said about our marriages and even existence. It amazes me that we can still live in a world let a lone be in this country where equal rights still has to be negotiated.

Gabby Cabby from Tickles.Tv reports on the issue from the west side

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