Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Customer Service

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

Customer Service, it’s a problem amongst our people. In the last week I’ve had several incidents. Last Wednesday I was out buying shoes and when I went to go pay for them the cashier stopped, took a deep breath before calling her friend over, another cashier, to show her my shoes. “Damn Ne, deez da shoes I wanted.” Do you think I could count on Ne to maybe say that this is not the time to bring this up…you know in front of the customer? Ne responded, “Yup, them is da shoes and dat is da last pair too. Damn.” I didn’t know if this was home-girl’s passive aggressive approach of getting me to choose a different shoe but it wasn’t working. I just stood there calmly staring at home girl who was too busy pouting to meet my evil eye. I paid cash and even contemplated changing into the shoes and fiercely walking out to really give her inappropriate ass something to pout about. I refrained.

Three days ago I left work at lunch to run an errand in midtown and after I finished I was starving so I decided to pick up something to eat in the area. Since I had just gotten paid I decided to splurge beyond my normal $10.00 maximum and enjoy myself. My total came up to $16.75 and the cashier needed to add some complimentary commentary to go along with it, “Daaaaaaaaaaam, dats like a $20.00 lunch!” Was home girl really announcing my lunch total out here?

Now just yesterday I’m at Home Depot, which I swear I will never be returning to for they try to fool you with those orange aprons like those people are licensed or have a PHD in repairs but it’s a hoax I tell you. First of all when I walked up to the customer service counter the person was on the phone deep, deep, deep in a personal conversation certainly not breaking for the presence of a customer. She was seemingly heated about something that somebody else told her that somebody else said and that person she was gonna fuck up the next time she saw her or the somebody who told her that they said what they had said. I patiently waited 45sec before interrupting, “Hi, can you just tell me where I can find the screw drivers.” Now why did home-girl stop and really look at me like I was the one with some nerve. I refused to get into it with her so I just stared back at her and waited for her to answer. She replied "aisle 6" before returning to her conversation. Now I could see from where we were both standing that aisle 6 did not have screw drivers as a huge sign read “aisle 6 rugs.” Interrupting her again,

“uhhm miss, aisle 6 says rugs.”

“Hold on" she said to the caller before addressing me, "Oh well you might have to ask someone else.”

“No, why don’t YOU ask someone else, since this is YOUR job customer service lady.”

“Damn yo, do you not see I’m having a bad day, is it so hard for you to just look around?”

A: I could call her manager. That entails assuming that the manager is smarter than her for often times they are not.

B: I could walk a few blocks out of my way to a hardware store I remember seeing and pay a little more than I would at Home Default.

C: I could leap across this counter and knock the shit out of this girl

I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

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