Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Cousin’s Opinion on Health Care (episode 2)

by today’s Urban Chameleon contributor

Today I gotta call from cousin who was heated.

“DENISE.” She says. “The mother fuckin’ Health Care system is flawed!”

“What happened now,” I said.

“Check this shit out. You know how I’ve been trying to apply for disability payments to help deal with this cancer right?”


“After all this time I’ve been waiting to hear back don’tchu know the mother fuckas turned me down today. And I’m thinking how the fuck is that possible? I’m at work part time ‘cause my ass has to be in chemo three times a week!? Not to mention the bitch in the cubicle next to me got full coverage disability wit no mother fuckin’ problems AND working from home and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the fuck her disability is. So today I was able to catch her ass finally, you know between my chemo schedule and her coming in once a week for her pay check ‘cause she manages to come in for dat, I calmly walk over to her to see how is it that she’s privy to these advantages ‘cause clearly I put down the wrong disability.”

“Well what she say?”

“Denise, guess what the fuck that Bitch's disability is?”

I paused, waiting for her to tell me.


“I have no idea. What?”

“She’s just fat. That bitch’s disability is that she’s a FAT FUCKIN’ BITCH! Here I am with cancer and that fat fucking bitch is sitting over there doing nothing but cookie up, cookie down and getting disability checks out her fat ass to buy more cookies and shit. Now what sense does that make? Oh Obama is about to get a letter about her ass.”

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