Monday, May 4, 2009

No Swine Flu Is Stopping These Urban Chameleons

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

My friend and I recently decided to take a last minute get away from NYC to Florida in desperate need of a tan on a beach despite the great Swine Flu epidemic. And why did this flu have to be from Mexico with the news all trying to have you weary of a Mexican? Lawd knows Mexicans don't need no more stigmatisms this might as well be aids in Africa the way they’re putting it. Is this just an excuse to keep yall across the border? Ridiculous. I know each race has to take turns and lawd no Black folks hold their breath and cross their toes when word gets out that someone did something stupid like shot, killed, robbed and ate someone, we all do be praying, "Please don't let them be Black." Now with Obama in office we may have skipped a couple of prayers a little more relaxed that if a few dumb ninjas end up on the news they won’t set the entire race back but regardless all people of color have to be ready to come with their pros to out weigh those cons. So Mexicans I hope you have ur "Flip it plan."

For instance we've even managed to find a positive prophecy in this I know I got my text message sent to me the other day

"They said we would have a Black president when pigs fly. 100 days into his presidency and swine flu!"

Why are we so deep.

I wonder if my white friends receive these same text messages or if they have their own confirmed prophecies that circulate.

Does anyone know?

Watch these two Urban Chameleons prepare for take off.

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