Monday, April 27, 2009


by today’s Urban Chameleon contributor

Oh Beyonce, “No, no no no no when it’s really no, no, no, no, noooo.” I’m not so sure that the destiny of this particular child is in any movie that doesn’t involve a doe, ray, me vocal warm up and 5,6,7,8. My friends I went this past weekend to see the movie Obsessed starring Idris Elba and Beyonce, which she also executive produced. We wanted to support Black folks…let me stop lying that had absolutely nothing to do with why we insisted on seeing this particular film. I was personally intrigued that Hollywood actually released a film that had a white woman stalking a coco color Black man and of course we were all curious to see how Sasha Fierce would beat this home wreckers’ ass. We were all looking to be entertained in that good bad movie kind of way. But this was just bad bad. The test of any real film is if you can take any event out of the story and the story still makes sense your story is flawed and boy was this one flawed ass story. There was nothing driving this movie except overcompensating music. On top of it all the fight scene was also so damn disappointing. What would have been a much better twist with this “diverse” thriller is if Sasha Fierce would have actually fought like a Black girl, I mean there was not one single Black girl windmill slap?!

However, I’m sure the studio is more than happy with their opening weekend box office of $28.5 so god only knows how many more renditions of “Obsessed” are to come. See what you did Obama? Oh the irony of liberalism. I’m just kidding the irony of the film is probably the only thing I did like. I will say if you do go see this film regardless of your color I insist that you to go to a theatre where Black folks will be because noooooooo one yells back at the screen with better commentary.

Wait for it, wait for it….”YOU TOUCHED MY CHILD!” Haha Yes! But no.

What did yall think?

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  1. Ya know, I do love me some Beyonce. As in, the vocalist/songstress/fiercestress. And although I was dragged to the movie kicking and screaming, sat through it laughing all the way - I realized today that it's good of me to support her compensate for all the free downloads of her music.
    I think I need to post anonymously for this one.

    Iz-Al to tha Piz-Al.

  2. Don't worry we will not turn you in- quite frankly this movie needed to be a free download. Don't you know Screen Gems wouldn't screen the film for critics before it was released because THEY KNEW...but it sure was a good lol. Imagine if they would have marketed as a comedy --would have surpassed 28.5