Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Because I'm Black Right?

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor

I remember growing up to the tune of "It's because I'm Black right?" for every situation where "we" encountered a "problem." This was the main punch line in movies, rap songs and Al Sharpton speeches. However, ironically I hadn't heard the rhetorical question in quite some time until just the other day I was shopping at Macy's Herald Square. I was in an irritable ass mood that had been concocted by the florescent lights, too many perfume scents and small children stepping on my Manolo Blahnik shoes. Haters. I always find my self slowly becoming an evil monster about to karate chop someone when shopping in department stores. Just as I was about to lose it, I pardoned myself from my my husband to use the bathroom. There I was greeted by a long ass line, which further pissed me off. As I was waiting on line filled with rambunctious characters, trying not to lose it on this lady who kept bumping me with her shopping bags. All of a sudden I hear this loud West Indian woman breaking on this security guard, "IF ME WAS A WHITE WOMAN YA WUDDA NEVA TOLD ME TO MOVE ASSHOLE CHA!" I immediately turned to see who was out here being racist being that I was already hyped and wanting to knock somebody out. Until I saw that the supposed “racist” was a West Indian security guard himself who went full into accent and replied "YES I WUD, I WUD HAVE SAID MOVE WHITE WOMAN!" False alarm. Not that I haven't seen Black on Black hate this was a situation where home girl was sprawled all out on the steps like she was in her living room where crowds of people are trying to pass and in fact I then needed her to move especially since I was now coming out the bathroom and she was now in MY way.

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