Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Price to Stay Fly

by today’s Urban Chameleon contributor

Today’s tax deadline has already got me dreaming of what I will do with my refund check this year. As I’ve gotten smarter over this past year enlisting Dave Ramsey from Fox Business News’ advice that "Cash is king" I’m trying to make smarter financial decisions. (yes I watch Fox business or at least Ramsey’s program because all racism aside that white man has changed my life around- and as long as he “Don’t Start nuttin’ there won’t be nuttin’)

This year has me trying to decide between a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti

or a tan by way of a much needed trip to Miami

because who the hell knows when Spring plans to drop it like it’s hot for us here in NY. I mean come on it snowed last week people. Not okay.

Now a year ago I would have easily whipped out my credit card and purchased the Giuseppe’s and maybe even some Dior shades to pump through the airport in on my way to Miami. But as I’ve taken these past few months to analyze my credit card statements and the accumulated interest rate that I’m still paying out on some of those back in the day credit card purchases trying to “Fake it until I make it” that will not be happening. Part of me just wants to just save the entire check maybe even hide it from myself- given the state of the economy with thousands of people jobless and homeless some of which are camping out on lawns who am I to just be sitting over here contemplating between these two luxurious options when I could be next! But then again that’s when I’m like damn, “being in that position is going to be emotionally difficult wouldn’t I be happier on that lawn with that tan and my Giuseppe’s?”

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  1. i saw them guiseppe's too. sick. might be worth a side shoe hustle...