Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funky Fanny's Help's Us To Stay Fly...

Gotta big up Serci of Funky Fanny's who makes sure we stay fly. Last summer I made my way to a private sale she was hosting to pick up more than a handful of keepsakes. Now usually when you bargain shop with a bunch of other women around you are bound to run into some kind of tension but because we were all friends of Serci nobody got cut. However there were definitely a couple of moments of "Oooh girl, are you going to take that belt?" (because if you don't best believe I will leap over there and it will be going home with me).

Shopping at the Funk Fanny's most definitely allows us to flaunt our many different Urban Chameleon facets and at a bargain. My friends and I picked up a wide range of selections from the sophisticated and classy look, to the Walk Bitches Walk (that's when you're fiercely pumping down the street forgetting you're not on a runway but actually a pavement) look, to the "Can you pass that bong" hippie look, to the the eighties B-girl step out my way before you get served look, and one of my personal favorites- this beautiful long white kimono like dress which was giving you the "Me no speak no English" look. This outfit has been semi helpful for getting rid of wack dudes who disrespectfully try to talk to me in the street, "Sorry brotha, Me no speak no English." So I definitely encourage you to attend the invite below.

Starting this Saturday April 18th...10am-5pm....Bishop Loughlin Schoolyard..Lafayette Ave btw Clermont & Vanderbilt...BK,NY..

For Directions visit:


Shoes,Purses,Accessories and More..

And of course,in true FunkyFanny's form....the Best Vintage at the Best Prices..

Spread the word..Bring & Tell a Friend..Look For the Orange & Pink Balloons...

C ya soooooon!!!!!!

Big Brooklyn Hugs....

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