Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HOTUC COMMENT SPOTLIGHT on “Should We Give Chris Brown a Second Chance?”

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On Sunday March 14th we posted "Should We Give Chris Brown Another Chance?" by Funnel Cake
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Amiwright wrote: Everyone deserves a second chance and not everyone is college material. Chile please. Yes, he was wrong for what he did and he has owned up to it and is still paying for it. This is something he will pay for, for the rest of his life. Radio stations and stores need to let it go. Put the mans music back in rotation. They are playing music by people who have done worst.

Funnel Cake responded: I wouldn't go as far as to say Chris Brown "Owned" up to it. The evidence was all over Rihanna's face and someone was going to be held responsible. No one with an abusive childhood changes in a year. Chris is a young man who got a chance to do something with his life that millions of people never get the "chance" to do. Do we feel sorry for them? If he wants it again he's got to earn it and part of earning it means honoring the time it takes for wounds to heal. Chris Brown needs to be made an example of. He was a successful mega superstar with an extraordinary amount of influence over young people. So much so that when the story first broke about him and Rihanna, comments on countless blogs where posted blaming Rihanna for the incident. There is a deeper problem here that I guarantee you has not gone away in a year.

Close to 4.8 MILLION women are abused each year and this statistic is only based on the incidents that are reported! Women ages 20-24 are at the greatest risk. This is the crisis we should be focused on not making sure Chris has another hit record in the club that we can jam to. I am not saying that people can’t and don’t change because they can and do. But don’t beg your fans to do something you need to do for yourself. By the way, reading to children in Harlem does not address the problem of abuse. It’s an obvious plea for sympathy especially when he tweets about it, which is even more pathetic. The only people Chris should be speaking to is young men and trying to help prevent them from going down the same road.

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