Friday, March 12, 2010

Does the Karate Kid Break a Stereotype?

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor Gale Theodore

How hyped are we about the new Karate Kid movie? VERY! Last night I went to the movies and saw the trailer, which features Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan- and they have me. I love that the reinterpretation of this story features a wimpy Black kid who is bullied by Asians has to learn how to defend himself.

The irony is that just the other day I was talking with a white guy I attended college with who was telling me about how when he first arrived at school he had the perception that all Black guys were tough but was then thrown off when some of them started hitting on him. It was a theater program.

All that to say is that I can't help but be excited by this new take on a Hollywood film.

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  1. I'll probably pass completely on this movie. I like the old version with Daniel-son. Though I am glad glad that the movie is continuing on with a black character.


  2. I always like to watch karate movie. Its really joyful and interesting movie. I feel glad and excitement to watch different actions in karate movie.