Friday, January 29, 2010

Chris Matthews Forgets that Obama is Black for the Hour...

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In the YouTube clip below, Chris Matthews states that he forgot Obama was Black in the hour he delivered the State of the Union Address. Now in all fairness we did not see the actual news segment and lord knows people will take something out of context but it got us thinking about a larger issue:

Is it considered a compliment when someone forgets what race you are?

In a really funky and twisted kind-of-way we really think white people mean it as a compliment when they say things like this as this is not the first time any of us have heard these words but boy is it hella insulting. These are the growing pains of being an Urban Chameleon for what some white people often don't realize is that as a person of color we have to work our asses off to constantly be accepted in your white world in order for us to educate our children, accelerate our careers, provide for our families and most importantly make change. What this has entailed is "Wearing the Mask," muting parts of our ethnicity and eccentricities because for some reason these qualities have been associated with being "less than." The even more unfortunate part is that when we chameleon so well you forget who we are but the truth is you never knew...

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