Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith's daughter, Willow "Whips Her Hair"

by today’s Urban Chameleon contributor QsNewz

D*mn you, excuse me, darn you Willow Smith! When I posted the teaser for the debut video of the youngest member of the Smith Fam Hollywood Takover Mafia this past weekend, I was praying that the vid would be wack so I could simply ignore it and continue to not cover a nine year old girl's material on my blog. Unfortunately hot is hot, and I have no choice but to give this kid a "go on, girl!" seal of approval while I curse out the grown folks makin' music who can't seem to come with this kind of heat.

Armed with a ton of charisma and sass generously DNA-donated by her famous parents, La 'Low takes her kiddie club banger "Whip My Hair" from curious novelty to legitimate chart hit with the addition of a visually striking, and age-appropriate, video. The clip opens in a sterile, depressing class-eteria before Ill Will descends upon the children with her magic boom box and blesses the situation with some much needed color via her expert hair whipping skills, some braided extensions, and a few choice finger paints. The styling in the video, from the cotton candy pink mohawk to the knee-high lace-up striped rain boots, is of the "OMG, super cute!" variety and the pre-teen fashionista easily surpasses the recent "oooh, you tried it" efforts of Ciara and LowLow's oft-cited inspiration, Rihanna.

So yeah, the video is cute and well done and all, but um... whose genius idea was it to cast hair whipping goddess, Dance Crew diva and NYC ball legend Leyomi Mizrahi? Seeing LeyLey do her thang all up in this Nickelodeon-bound clip is one of those "You know what would've been really cool? If they had gotten..." propositions --- but this time, it actually happened! With one video, this kid has achieved what it sometimes takes the um, more seasoned pop girls a couple of albums, a few edgy photo shoots and a handful of performances at gay clubs to achieve --- she has already cemented what will surely be a loyal fanbase in the ball community by simply shouting out one of their own.

She sings/raps! She dances! She wears funky outfits! Yes, Willow has definitely got the whole "adorable" thing on lock right now and it'll be interesting to see where her career goes from here cuz famous last name aside, the girl undoubtedly does have "it"! Now, how much you wanna bet some of these older chicks are taking notes and brushing up on their hair whipping? Weave merchants are about to have the best week ever! Grade: B+

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