Thursday, February 25, 2010

White Sorority Wins Sprite Step Competition

Urban Chameleon news

A huge controversy is brewing in the YouTube comment section about whether or not a group of white girls deserved to win the annual Sprite Step-Off . After watching the video below, I honestly believe, if these girls were Black we wouldn't have been impressed. Having seen a good amount of step shows, their moves aren't original, and the only unique part of this presentation is that the girls are white. Not something we normally see. The question then becomes: Is them being white what earned them the prize? Maybe. Can't say for sure as we did not see the other competitors in this show, but we can say that great entertainment is giving the audience something they haven't experienced before and these white girls sho 'nough did!

On a different note, I find it interesting that Black people, upon entering a predominantly white field, have to be extra-ordinary, stellar, unimaginable, uncommon, inconceivable, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Barrack Obama. Using this standard of remarkable in reverse, the question becomes: Were these girls all dat?


  1. They maybe not have been all that, and first place was a bit of a stretch but they were certainly memorable. And I had to appreciate the fact that the Urban Chameleoned the hell out of this performance. And the best part is that they knew it! They knew the audience wasn't ready. That's why the were spoofing on the whole ballet theme in the beginning. They pulled a matrix and for that I give them props!

  2. It was okay but definitely not first place!

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