Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Caribbean mother doesn't get along with her private school educated grandson

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor, Anonymous
Six years ago when I had my son I knew it was my responsibility to provide him with the best that I could. When he was three someone told me about progressive education, which peaked my interest. These are schools that teach critical thinking as oppose to following orders. A huge difference between how poor children and rich children are developed. Outliers: The Story of Success written by Malcolm Gladwell, explores these and many other dissimilarities. Poor kids are usually taught to follow authority where rich kids are encouraged to be inquisitive. They are more likely to go to a doctor and ask questions that they have a right to know, like why are you putting that instrument in my ear?

The school that I ended up enrolling my son in teaches kids to be thought leaders and citizens of the world. This entails asking questions and exploring different answers until they make sense. The problem is, this makes for a difficult relationship between my son and his Trinidadian grandmother, (my mother).

One weekend I left him with her. She sent me a text telling me to pick him up earlier than we discussed before she wrings his neck. He called to tell me that my mother is very negative. 

My mother is old school, children don't get to have conversations with their elders about why they can't do something. The answer is, because I said so, and if you question me again I will beat your ass. That's the thing about being an Urban Chameleon and raising one, it's always about trying to figure out how to navigate the cultural conflicts that nobody prepares you for.

Oh well, maybe when he becomes president of a company or nation my Trini grandmother will appreciate his independent mind then;) 
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