Friday, June 15, 2012

#Dear White People...

Light continues to shine on the "Black" experience in America. It seems like every time I look up there is new satire on Black people responding to living in a "white world." The trailer for a new film currently looking to raise money for production called, Dear White People was released on YouTube only a couple of days ago and has gone viral. The film appears to explore the same ol' issues that Black people have been complaining about for years, hair touching, that one Black friend and white people's craving to use the "N" word. However, Dear White People not only satirically integrates the current day chatter of the Black community down to "Tell Lucas I want my $15 back for Red Tails!" but appears to be very cinematic, which commands a different kind of attention from the videos about race on the web.

I wonder what white people have to say about all this circulated Black commentary. Maybe it's time for a two-way conversation? And I don't mean the reactionary mean spirited, racist and ignorant remarks found in the comment section on YouTube. Real talk what are we all looking to ultimately achieve?

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1 comment:

  1. This films themes seem highly derivative of prominent black comedians work. The character a the beginning says "can we get characters instead of stereotypes?" This preview is full of stereotypes. Most of them are white but I guess that does not matter. Categorizing people by race is ok as long as they are the right race, white or Asian.