Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Funnel Cake Flowers reports on the latest ignorance to a beat: The Soggy Bottom Boys drop "LET EM DRAG"

by Funnel Cake Flowers The Urban Chameleon news reporter

When I got the call from Self D'Struck Records, a company dedicated to creating ignorant rap music that "kills the game," inviting me to the set of The Soggy bottom Boys' latest music video "LET 'EM DRAG," I wasn't sure if I should be honored or horrified. The Soggy bottom Boys, an infamous rap group with literacy issues, don't believe in putting a pair of pants completely on. Therefore...let them drag. It occurred to me that other reporters may have already declined, so with trepidation, I decided to strap on my bulletproof vest and AK47 (under my cape) and roll to set to get the story. After all, I am The Urban Chameleon news reporter.

To read more on The Soggy Bottom Boys, visit The 15 Project Online, hosted by Fahamu Pecou.

"For those who wonder why rap is dead... it's simple, we killin' it"

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