Monday, November 16, 2009

The White Girl Remixes of Black Rapper's Songs...Is this a new trend?

Urban Chameleon moment

In watching an episode of last week's Gossip Girl there was a song that sounded very familiar but wasn’t familiar

And I thought, “Hmmmm this is peculiar…”

I began to sing along

Still thinking, “Damn, what’s the name of this song?”

The next verse continued

And I finally saw the light

“Stacks on deck, Patron on ice, and we can pop bottles…”

Wait a minute this is a white girl’s rendition of T.I.’s song, What Ever You like

Now I didn’t think too much of it

I dug the groove and thought how it underscored the scene, perfected it

Until making dinner plans with a few girlfriends of mine

And one suggests Permanent brunch, it’s breakfast all the time

I went online, checked out the menu ‘cause bad food is my biggest fear

And wait what’s this music on this website here? Is this Nelly, It’s Getting’ Hot In Here?”

But it wasn’t Nelly and again the vibe wasn’t wrong

Is this another white girl’s remix of a Black rapper’s song?

I gotta say I’m really not mad

Ok white girl, your rendition aint half bad

Just don’t get on no Elvis Presly sh*t and discredit the work

Making someone have to find yo’ ass to remind you and the audience that a Black rapper did it first

Click here and enter site to hear remix of Nelly’s Hot In Here

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