Monday, June 28, 2010

BET Awards: It’s Like an Ex boyfriend

by today's Urban Chameleon contributor Funnel Cake

The BET Awards is like an ex-boyfriend who you don’t want in your life but you still have to check up on. Last night was the awards show and although I didn’t watch, I still haaaaad to read about the highlights. The most talked about topic appears to be Chris Brown’s MJ performance and break down while singing "Man In the Mirror." (Talk about another ex-boyfriend who just won’t stay away) I will say that the song was metaphorically appropriate for Mr. Brown and clearly it hit home for him. I still can’t help but feel like he’s forcing me to take him back into my life. Everyone knows that the laws of attraction just don’t work that way. You make someone want you by acting like you don’t want them. Reinterpreting this concept for Mr. Brown – he just needs to deliver great work, work on himself and stop showing me how much he feels. The relationship I had with Chris, as a fan was always about my feelings not his. If he could just get this concept then maybe I can think about taking him back.

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  1. Each year B.E.T delivers the best award shows hands down. Everyone in my household was giving chris brown a standing ovation. Please read &comment of follow my blog.

  2. I just like watching so I can laugh at how bad the show is. This year was def a step up from last year but usually I try not to watch, but they reel me in with tributes. Glad I watched or I would have missed El DeBarge, C-Breezy and Tyrese. Oh yeah and Prince's side eyes.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Rachel Shapiro CooperJuly 15, 2010 at 7:20 AM

    I may be a little later to the game...but watching Chris Brown lip sync
    Michael Jackson hits and then render himself unable to muster the words to "Man in The Mirror"
    was honestly disgraceful...

    I didn't know if I was watching a parody of what Chris Brown's breakdown would look like on a slow week on Saturday Night Live.
    But honestly the sweating, the dripping, the weeping the banging of his chest.
    Is this guy for real?

    First of all this one needs some serious therapy, at the very least some medication.
    Secondly and more importantly who in the Hell let this man, boy excuse me, go on stage in this state.
    He would want to start looking for some new management because they were reckless allowing him to display himself in this manner.

    Artists are artists and men and men.
    men don't beat women and then sway and cry to a dead musical visionary on live television.

    Get a grip, Chris and while you are at it some serious help.
    How dare you smear a dead man's memory with your narcissistic display of masturbation.
    Go home.